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Expert Drain Cleaning in San Jose

sewer cleaning
In addition to running water, a lot of debris can be washed down your drains, from food waste in the kitchen to soap scum in your bathrooms. Over time, debris may build up in your pipes and create an obstruction.
When you have a clogged pipe, your drains may slow down or even stop draining completely. In some cases, obstructions can even cause water to back up in your plumbing fixtures.
No matter the severity of your clog, you can depend on the plumbers at Miracle Plumbing, Inc for efficient drain cleaning in San Jose, California.

When Do You Need Drain Cleaning?

In almost all situations where your drains become less functional, drain cleaning is necessary to clear the pipe. It’s important to note that clogs can appear anywhere in your plumbing system. For example, tree roots that intrude on your sewer line can have an effect similar to a clog in your tub drain.
A professional can identify the source of the obstruction and clear it completely. In addition to emergency drain cleanings, you should schedule annual drain inspections and cleanings to keep your pipes free and clear.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Many homeowners assume that they can resolve plumbing obstructions on their own, either using makeshift tools or store bought drain cleaner.
Trying to dislodge a clog with tools only works if the entirety of the buildup is visible — anything out of sight will be left to cause future issues. Tools can also be dropped into drains, which can cause even bigger obstruction problems.
Using drain cleaner can actually cause extensive pipe damage. The chemicals used to break down clogs can also eat away at your pipes. Additionally, in most cases, the drain cleaner fails to remove the entire obstruction, especially if any portion of the clog is stuck to the inside of the pipe.
Make drain cleaning simple — let the experts at Miracle Plumbing handle the problem. Call 408-963-6893 to schedule a cleaning.

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