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  • Insight From a Trusted Plumber

    • What can't I put down my garbage disposal?
      Some everyday food items can cause problems for your garbage disposal system, including:
      • TOUGH FOODS: Unless you have a commercial-grade garbage disposal system, harder items like coffee grounds and eggshells might lead to damage.
      • GREASE, OILS, AND FATS: These substances can harden and accumulate in your pipes and cause clogs.
      • FIBROUS FOODS: Large amounts of stringy items like edamame pods, corn husks, and celery sticks can ball up inside your plumbing.
    • Should my toilet waste drains be 3 inches or 4 inches?
      Most older homes use four-inch drains as they are less prone to clogs. However, newer, low-flow toilets generally do better with a three-inch drain. We’re happy to assess your toilet and bathroom plumbing to suggest the proper pipe size.
    • What's the difference between drain cleaning and sewer cleaning?
      Drain cleaning is often sufficient for isolated clogs or a single slow-flowing drain. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing recurring clogs or slowly draining fixtures across your whole property, the problem might lie deeper in your sewer system. In that case, sewer cleaning would be necessary.
    • Can my water heater blow up?
      A water heater can explode, yes. Excess pressure buildup or gas leakage are the most common causes of water heater explosions. You can give yourself peace of mind by keeping your unit in good condition all year round with professional maintenance.
    • What size of water heater is right for my home?
      The right water heater for your property mainly depends on the size of your household. Here's a general guide you can follow:
      • Two people below – at least 30 gallons
      • Three people – at least 40 gallons
      • Four people – at least 50 gallons
      • Five people and above – at least 60 gallons
      When you choose Miracle Plumbing for water heater installation, we always start with a thorough consultation to make sure you have the right-sized water heater for your home.
    • Which water heaters qualify for a tax credit?
      If you plan on getting an electric water heater, it needs to have a minimum of a 2.2 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) to qualify. For natural gas, propane, and oil units, the required UEF is 0.82. Always check the manufacturer's energy rating and make sure you have a copy of your water heater's Certification Statement before you apply for a tax credit.
    • Will my home insurance cover sewer line damage?
      Since most forms of sewer line damage stem from preventable problems, standard home insurance policies usually won’t cover them. If you want to avoid costly plumbing repairs and replacements on your property, regular professional maintenance is a must.