Protect Your Water For National Wellness Month

As August rolls around, it is time again for National Wellness Month. This is a time for us to focus on our well being; whatever that happens to mean to you!

There are many different avenues people like to take, but at the end of the day, promoting a well-balanced life is what is key. For some of us though, we look at National wellness Month and choose to step outside ourselves and find something to focus on that will not only be beneficial to you but to everyone.

One of those causes could come in the form of water safety and conservation. Below, we will take a look at a few ways to protect your water.

Plumbing Protects Your Water

When your mind goes to plumbing you may not think about protecting water, but needing a pipe repaired or a clogged toilet fixed. Though those things are very true, they are not the only area that plumbers work in.

Through the years, we have developed many technological advances. We now have dishwashers, ice makers, and washing machines. These have allowed us to live the modern life we often take for granted.

It is due to plumbers that we are able to preserve the life of these appliances. Plumbers help us protect our water by showing us things we can do to practice water safety. For example, using water filters. Water filters are a perfect way to practice water safety; which we will show you next.

Protect Your Water With A Water Filter

Water filters help us reduce the amount of harmful debris and minerals in our drinking water. There are several different kinds of water filters that are very effective including activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and Alkaline filters.

These are some great options, and here a few common ways to utilize them:

  • Water Filter Pitcher - Chances are we have all seen these common pitchers before. It is a water pitcher where there is a separate compartment for the water at the top. The water is then filtered through to the pitcher in the bottom.
  • Faucet Water Filter - These filters are great for purifying all of your water as they are attached directly to your faucet. When the water is turned on, the water is run through the filter before coming out of the tap.
  • Countertop Water Filter - With these filters, they attached directly to your water sources and have a separate “faucet” for you to collect drinking water.
  • Whole House Water Filtration - In some cases, homeowners opt for a whole house water filtration system. Though they are more expensive to install, they will purify the water throughout your entire home.

Look Out For Leaks

Leaks are another form of water safety. Leaks, when left unattended, can cause serious health risks due to the mold and mildew that can develop.

Having a water leak inspected as soon as it occurs can reduce the risk of health complications. Another cause of water safety is hard water.

Hard water is produced by mineral buildup in your water supply. This can cause your water to taste funny and look cloudy. It can also cause your appliances to malfunction as the minerals will build up inside the appliances.

Use Technology Safely

As our modern technology grows, it’s important to be mindful of the impact on our water. The water pollution we face is becoming a greater issue, and we should exercise caution.

With that being said, Miracle Plumbing Inc. is dedicated to preserving the world's freshwater and practicing water safety. If you have any questions regarding your plumbing or water safety, please reach out to us at (408) 882-1505. We want to hear from you!