Untreated Root Clogs Can Cause Plumbing Disasters at Home

Essential Tips for Protection Your Plumbing from Tree Roots

Root clogs occur when trees send out feeder roots in search of water and fertilizer to help them grow. If there are leaks in a sewer or water line surrounding your home, feeder roots will find them and follow the leaks to their source.

They will then move inside the pipe, slowly filling it over time until waste or water cannot move through it. Homes built on slab foundations are at risk for tree roots following pipes along the slab.

Left unchecked, they may do significant damage to the foundation and plumbing. By keeping a close eye on appliances and drains, homeowners can stay alert to the early warning signs of root growth and address them before disaster strikes.

Stop the Problem Before it Starts; Drain Cleaning For Prevention 

Professional drain cleaning services are available to perform maintenance and regular cleaning on pipes. With regular care, you’ll never have to deal with more significant problems from roots creeping into drains.

Service technicians use equipment to clear out any built-up debris inside the pipe. Sewer pipes, in particular, attract tree roots as a source of fertilizer.

They may also target water lines during dry seasons. Taking proper care of trees surrounding your home is another step in preventing clogs, as trees will be less likely to go searching for additional water and nutrients.

Avoid Root Clog Disasters

Your home will tell you before a root clog turns into a disaster. Drain flow will slow down, pipes will make noises, toilets will gurgle and percolate. A sure sign of an impending plumbing disaster is water coming up through the drains in the basement.

Tree roots are the most common cause of a clogged sewer line. Untreated tree roots may grow to fill a sewer line. Worst-case scenario, the tree roots will rupture the pipe, causing a major breach. At that point the pipes will need to be dug up and completely replaced, causing damage to the yard and costly repairs.

By monitoring your home plumbing system, you can be aware of tree root clogs early and prevent significant damage. Call a plumber for an accurate diagnosis if you notice:

  • Frequent backups in toilets
  • Gurgling pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Frequent clogs in drains

Tricks to Stall Tree Root Growth 

If you know you have a problem tree invading your slab foundation, you can take early steps to avoid disaster. There are many products on the market to address roots in drains, one of the most reliable is copper sulfate.

Copper sulfate comes in crystal form and is available at most garden supply stores. Pour into the toilet bowl and flush repeatedly to carry down the drain pipes. It doesn’t travel up the root system to kill the tree, but only kills the roots with which it comes in direct contact.

It is a dangerous chemical, so it’s recommended to pour small doses into a toilet over the course of two weeks, rather than a huge dose in a single day. It’s also suggested administering the copper sulfate right before leaving the house for the day to avoid any fumes.

Great Service and Quality Workmanship

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