Cleaning up Your Sewer Beforehand: The Top Reason to Rake Leaves

Why Are Sewer Systems so Important

San Jose is privileged to have some beautiful fall foliage, perfect for getting everyone in the mood for the upcoming holidays and this season’s overabundance of pumpkin spice lattes. However, despite how pretty and mood-inducing the leaves are, it’s important to clean them out of the yard in order to prevent serious clogs in your sewer system.

How a Sewer System Works

A home needs a way for all its water from appliances and the toilet to escape for disposal since septic tanks aren’t feasible for large urban areas. Your home has a main sewer line that connects to underground sewer lines that take everyone’s waste to a waste treatment plant. There, solids are collected for disposal or incineration, and the remaining water goes through different treatments to kill bacteria before being released back into nature.

Without modern sewage plans, homes would need to care for their own waste or, what’s worse, society would suffer from raw sewage in natural bodies of water, in the ground, or even the streets, like how it was before modern plumbing.

Problems With Your Main Drain Line

Your main drain line is the gateway between your home’s pipe system and the city waste pipes leading to the waste treatment facility. Think of it this way: the main drain line is like the line drawn between two points in an algebra question.

When there’s a problem with how the main drain line works, it, unfortunately, affects your entire home. A regular clog will only affect the area where there’s a clog, such as a clogged toilet, and fixing the problem will bring the fixture back to working normally.

When the main drain line is clogged, you may have bubbling in your toilet, gurgling in your drains, and all the water might drain slowly in several different areas of the house.

Water levels may adjust in the toilet when you’re using the sink, or worse, water might come back up out of drains when you’re using water from another source. When you see your home affected on a grand scale, you know there’s a clog in your main line since the water is coming back into your home because the clog is preventing wastewater from entering the city’s waste pipes.

Sewage: Spreader of Disease

Fixing a problem with the main sewer line is vital because the main pipe can break or water backing up into the house can have sewage. How disgusting would it be to have a sewage leak into your kitchen sink or your shower? Not only would you have to get rid of it, but you’d also have to disinfect your sink and shower to prevent the spread of illness and disease. Raw sewage can cause several gastrointestinal illnesses, some of which can lead to organ damage.

E. Coli can cause a serious condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can lead to kidney failure or death in people with compromised immune systems or under the age of five. So home sewage problems are not only costly to fix but a serious health risk to you and your loved ones.

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