Add Drains To the Spring Cleaning Lineup

Spring Has Sprung! Time To Clean the Drains

As the spring cleaning season approaches, homeowners need to purge their homes of the clutter accumulated over the last year. Just like other things in the home, the plumbing system is due for a cleaning. Over time, a drain can build up grease, chemicals, hair, soap residue, and other things until it becomes clogged. A professional cleaning can repair clogs and leaks before they become even more serious problems.

Why Should You Get Your Drains Cleaned?

  • Improved water pressure and quality: The most obvious reason to keep drains clean is to keep away clogs. A clogged drain is a place where bacteria and mold begin to grow, which can cause a foul odor and sometimes even drain flies.
  • Improves lifespan of pipes: Without professional drain cleaning, residue buildup can cause corrosion or leakage. Too much corrosion will mean the pipes need replacement, resulting in higher costs. 
  • Save money on bigger repairs: Waiting until there is a major issue to call a plumber can result in cracked foundations, damaged floors, and even sinkholes–all of which costs the homeowner thousands of dollars. Getting drains cleaned regularly at a minimal cost reduces the chances of these damaging and expensive repairs.

How Professionals Clean Drains

Before cleaning a drain, most technicians insert a line with a connected camera to identify the location and type of problem. After they determine the service needed and the cause of the blockage, they can start the cleaning process. 

There are two primary methods of professional drain cleaning:

  1. The Drain Snake: The plumber will insert a large, motorized cable called a “snake” into the pipe, then use it to break apart and pull out the blockage. This is typically the “go-to” method and is best for blockages that haven’t been building up over a long period. 
  2. The Hydro-Jet: The plumber will insert a special hose that pushes water through the pipes at high pressure. This removes any residue stuck to the sides of the pipes. This method is usually powerful enough to remove years of grime and debris that has built up. 

How To Maintain Clean Drains

  1. Check drains for hair and debris: Simply checking and cleaning stoppers throughout the home can drastically decrease the odds of a clogged pipe in the future. 
  2. Be careful what goes down the drain: Letting food wash down the sink or flushing dental floss down the toilet seems harmless, but often these can get snagged in the pipes and start a clog. 
  3. Invest in a drain screen: Hair and soap buildup are some of the most common causes of minor clogs in a sewage system. Investing in a drain screen to catch hair before it washes down the drain is one of the best ways to keep pipes clear. 
  4. Use hot and cold water appropriately: Simply pouring hot water down the sink can help flush away residue and light buildup. However, it is best to use cold water when running the garbage disposal. If someone pours hot or warm grease down a garbage disposal, it can coat the disposal and congeal in the pipe, resulting in a major clog. 

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