Water Heaters 101: Let's Go Over the Basics

Water Heater Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

It has come to the attention of plumbing professionals that not enough homeowners are familiar with their water heaters. It is always recommended to have a professional work on the water heater, and the rest of the plumbing system, but it can save the homeowner a lot of time, stress, and even money if they were more familiar with their water heater. Many people don’t even know what kind of water heater they have, much less the signs that it is time for maintenance or repairs. If the homeowner doesn’t know how to spot common signs of a problem, they will spend more money on repairs than is necessary. 

Throughout this article, homeowners will learn about the different types of water heaters, how water heater maintenance works, and the signs that it’s time for repair. 

How Many Different Types of Water Heaters Are There?

There are several different types of water heaters. Still, as homeowners are trying to reduce their carbon footprints while saving money, tankless water heaters and high-efficiency water heaters can be found in more and more homes. Tankless water heaters are great because they have a seemingly constant flow of hot water, unlike traditional water heaters with a tank, and once the tank runs out of water, it needs time to fill up and heat up again. 

Here is a list of the different types of water heaters: 

  • Tankless water heater
  • High-efficiency water heater
  • Solar water heater
  • Electric water heater
  • Gas water heater
  • Storage tank water heater
  • Conventional water heater
  • On-demand water heater

Water Heater Maintenance: How It Works

Water heater maintenance, much like any other appliance maintenance, is extremely important. Typically, the professional will spend most of his time at the unit itself, giving it a thorough inspection to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently and that there aren’t any parts on the verge of a breakdown. 

These inspections give homeowners the heads-up they need to have certain parts fixed before problems even occur. Doing so helps to alleviate the stresses of large and unexpected repair bills. It also ensures the system works as it should so the homeowner isn’t spending more on their monthly bill. 

It Might Be Time for Water Heater Repair

Regular and professional maintenance is important to the overall health and functionality of a water heater, but so are timely repairs. Even with regular maintenance, there is still a chance for surprise breakdowns. In times like these, it is crucial to have a professional ready to call. 

Of course, the homeowner has to spot when it is time for a repair so they can call the professional sooner rather than later. Here is are some things to look for as a sign that the water heater needs repair: 

  • It runs out of hot water quicker than usual
  • The hot water goes in and out while using it
  • There are signs of corrosion on the unit
  • Rusty water
  • There is water around the base of the unit
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit

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