How Can Drain Cleaning Positively Impact the Home?

How Routine Drain Cleaning Can Improve the Home

Most homeowners don't give a second thought to the items that go down their drains. From leftover food particles in the kitchen sink to handfuls of hair in the shower, there is always something entering the pipes with the potential to cause problems. Without regular drain cleaning, there can be damage to the drain itself, along with other inconvenient problems.

Some people will experience bad odors or expensive repairs due to not cleaning their drains often enough. The benefits of having drains cleaned regularly can outweigh the potential cost of this service from a professional plumbing company.

Faster Drainage and Fewer Clogs

Whether the issue is in the kitchen or the bathroom, a clogged drain can spell problems for drainage. While pouring fresh water into the area through the faucet, homeowners might quickly learn that their drains can't handle the influx of water.

Clogs caused by food, soap, hair, grease, and other items can obstruct the pipes and slow drainage. With regular drain cleaning, this becomes a thing of the past. If water can't properly drain from the sink or shower, it's time to have a professional evaluate the pipes and clear out potential clogs.

Fewer Odors and Less Need for Repair

It's hard to think of all the food and grease that gets washed down the sink. This buildup can lead to decay in the drain, causing a permeating odor throughout the home that homeowners might grow too used to. When a professional plumber thoroughly cleans the drains, all of these food particles get cleared away. Without their presence, those pesky odors will fade and give way to a fresh-smelling home once again.

The other benefit of regular drain cleaning is the ability to avoid major repairs. An experienced plumber can identify problems early on before they transform into something much more serious. For example, a plumber might be able to identify aging pipes that need to be replaced. They might also be able to clear away clogs that could potentially cause long-term damage to the plumbing and sewage system.

Will a Liquid Drain Solution Work?

All homeowners should invest in regular drain cleaning, but could they use a liquid solution instead of professional services? It can be convenient to head to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of liquid drain cleaner, but this could spell disaster for plumbing

These solutions are designed to quickly eat through the most common drain-clogging particles, regardless of what clogs them. The formula is, by its very nature, corrosive, which can cause severe damage to pipes. If homeowners get in the habit of using liquid drain cleaners in place of less harmful methods, the pipes will eventually need replacement. 

Hiring a professional plumber to use other effective drain-clearing methods like snaking means pipes will last much longer. 

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