Don't Let Outdoor Plumbing Problems Ruin Spring Fun

Avoid an Outdoor Plumbing Fiasco

When people think of a plumbing problem, their minds usually jump to leaky faucets or clogged toilets. But, many issues can happen with the plumbing located outside of the home. As the warmer weather encourages people to spend more time outside, homeowners will start hosting parties and spending more time out in the yard. To keep the good times coming, it is necessary to prevent outdoor plumbing problems that could creep up and cause floods or issues with the landscaping. 

This season, local plumbers want to help homeowners prevent problems that can occur with their outdoor plumbing. This handy guide can help prevent big problems down the road. 

What Kind of Plumbing Is Outside? 

Apart from optional outdoor plumbing fixtures like hose bibbs and outdoor sinks, there are two key components of outdoor plumbing that help keep homes safe and secure. The two biggest concerns of outdoor plumbing are sewer lines and landscape drains. The sewer line located outdoors is the main line that removes the waste from all of the drains, basins, and toilets inside the home. Once all of the drains meet up at a central location, the sewer main removes waste to the municipal sewer. 

The other component of outdoor plumbing is landscape drains. This is the one that is often the most forgotten about because most people forget that it is a part of the plumbing system. Landscape drains help effectively remove rainwater from around a property. Water that is allowed to pool can damage the landscape and waterlog the lawn. In extreme cases, a clogged landscape drain can allow foundation damage to occur. 

How Does Outdoor Plumbing Become Clogged?

To understand how these components can become clogged, consider the individual implications:

  • Sewer Clogs: The sewer in a home performs a significant job removing all of the home's waste. Over time, kitchen grease, grimy buildup, and foreign objects can foul up the sides of the pipes and cause major clogs.
  • Landscape Drain Clogs: The cooler months mean more rain. Coincidentally, it also means that leaves are falling from the trees. With the high volume of rain and leaves flowing into landscape drains, it is little wonder that eventually, they can clog and allow a backup. 

Hydrojetting Is the Answer

egardless of the cause of an outdoor plumbing clog, a process called hydrojetting is likely the answer. Hydrojetting is a relatively new procedure that quickly became the popular choice for removing drain clogs and cleaning buildup off a pipe's walls. 

During a hydrojetting visit, a plumber inserts a hydrojetting machine into the affected pipe. The machine is essentially a powerful pressure washer with a special head on it. The head inserted into the pipe sprays powerful jets forward and backward. This allows it to cut through nasty clogs and clear the buildup on the pipe walls. Once the procedure is complete, clogs will be gone, and water can flow freely through the pipes once again. 

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