What Are Those Spooky Sounds in the Walls All About?

Plumbing That Goes Bump in the Night

It’s the time of year for spooky movies, candy, and scary stories. In general, Halloween is time for some good old family fun. But some scary noises coming from the home aren’t any fun at all. While it may sound like the home is being visited by supernatural beings, it’s more likely that the plumbing system is to blame. Humming, howling, and banging are all scary sounds with logical and, most of the time, simple solutions. So read on to learn all about spooky plumbing sounds that go bump in the night. 

Haunted Humming 

Humming is one of the most common plumbing sounds that throw homeowners off. A couple of things can cause this haunted humming, but the most common is high water pressure. When the home’s water pressure is too high, it can cause some of the pipes to vibrate, creating a humming sound. The best range for water pressure is between 40 and 60 psi. Any higher can create humming and other issues. 

Another reason for humming in the home, especially when it’s most prominent near the toilet, is the toilet flapper or the fill valve. If the noise only happens when the toilet is flushed, it’s likely one of these two issues. Replacing the fill valve or the flapper can fix this issue. 

Is That the Pipes Howling or the Wind?

Aside from humming, a howling or squealing sound can turn an eerie fall night into a waking nightmare. And if this happens when those in the home are asleep, it can be a very rude and frightening awakening. There are a couple of possible reasons for howling pipes. The first is an issue with water pressure again. High water pressure can cause cavitation, which happens when water flows from a large pipe into a small one, resulting in a squealing sound. Having a plumber reduce the water pressure often fixes the issue. 

The squealing or howling sound can also be the result of a worn-down washer or valve. No matter the cause, it’s always best to have a professional look at the issue so that it doesn’t cause a plumbing emergency. 

Frightening Water Hammer

This last spooky plumbing sound is often the most jarring. It’s known as water hammer, characterized by a loud banging sound in the walls. This banging sound often happens when a valve is shut somewhere in the home, causing a sudden change in pressure. This pressure change can shake pipes, causing them to bang against structural elements of the home. 

Fixing water hammer is important as it can lead to damaged pipes and other plumbing problems. There are a few things professional plumbers can do to fix this issue. They can secure pipes inside the walls to prevent this from happening. Or they can install a pressure limiter in the main water line, which can keep water hammer from damaging the pipes. 

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