Amazing Women Who Shaped the Plumbing Industry

Celebrate and Learn about Women in the Plumbing Industry this Women's History Month 

As Women's History Month breezes by, homeowners and residents should take the time out of their day to learn about these amazing women who changed the plumbing industry forever. Although the playing field is leveling out, significantly more men are still in the plumbing industry.

This does not mean that there is no room for women! Actually, with each passing year, more women are involved in the trades. Various programs are also getting more funding and traction to provide on-the-job training for women.

Women in Plumbing 21st century

The plumbing industry has seen significant changes. Women plumbers are not easy to find, but it is not impossible! Just about five or six decades ago, women were not allowed to work in the public, especially in trades. This has significantly changed with time and laws being passed.

According to published data, only 5% of plumbers in the U.S are women! Sadly, the number only rises a few points each year. Men dominate the plumbing industry, but there is still a place for women. The current jobs now provide training and experience to all genders!

Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers Made a Space For Women

The Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers did not start the way homeowners may think it did. While the word 'lady' is in the committee name, it was more of a men's club. 

Men plumbers did not know what to do with their wives as they worked, so they created the Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers. At first, it was mainly made up of men; however, women joined, and it turned into a social club.

This committee was run like a social club for a few years until the women took over and began making changes. The committee became a platform for activism and hosted events for women who wanted to have jobs. 

The First Female Master Plumber: Lillian Ann Baumbach

It was rare to see a woman plumber just a few years ago, which is why it is so impressive that Lillian Ann Baumbach was able to do it in the 1950s. Her father was a plumber who was not afraid to teach his daughter.

At the young age of seven, she followed her dad around and learned about plumbing as much as she could. When she turned twelve, her dad allowed her to start working as a helper, similar to an apprentice. With on-the-job training, she took off!

In 1950, Lillian Ann Baumbach became the first female master plumber to earn that title. She was not afraid of competition and did the best she could! Interestingly enough, her story was picked up globally, and she received letters from all around the world addressed to 'the pretty plumber.'

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