Be Aware of Outdoor Plumbing Blockages

Guide to Outdoor Plumbing Clogs

As the weather warms up, homeowners turn back on outdoor plumbing fixtures for their lawns and pools. Outdoor plumbing fixtures are often susceptible to the same problems as indoor ones, and additional problems posed by nature.

One common plumbing issue for indoor and outdoor fixtures is clogged drains and clogged pipes. In this blog post, our expert plumbers give an overview of common outdoor plumbing fixtures, how they get clogged, and how they can be fixed.

Common Plumbing Fixtures Outdoors

Outdoor plumbing fixtures include pool pumps, lawn sprinkles, outdoor fountains, and any fixture that connects to the main water line. All of the plumbing indoors and outdoors connects to the main water line through underground pipes. This means that a clog in the outdoor plumbing can affect the function of the plumbing system overall, including the indoor plumbing fixtures.

Home plumbing systems connect to the main water line through underground pipes, and part of this network of pipes can be found under the home and lawn. An underground pipe clog could cause a leak in the waterline resulting in property damage and costly plumbing repairs.

Why Outdoor Pipes Get Clogged

One of the most common reasons outdoor pipes get clogged is that dead leaves and other debris from the outdoors get washed down the outdoor drains. Using outdoor drain covers and cleaning the area around the fixtures can go a long way in preventing outdoor plumbing clogs.

If a pool is not cleaned regularly, the pool pump can become clogged. Doing regular maintenance and cleaning of outdoor plumbing prevents clogs. Homeowners should check their outdoor plumbing fixtures after a rainstorm to ensure the rain did not cause an influx of debris to wash into outdoor drains. On cold nights, the water supply to outdoor plumbing can be shut off to prevent the pipes from freezing over.

Another reason for a clogged pipe outdoors is that tree roots can grow into the pipes and block the path of the water. Carefully planning the placement of plumbing fixtures around the yard’s landscape can help to prevent plant roots from affecting the pipes later on.

How to Clear a Pipe Clog Outdoors

Professional plumbers use specialized tools to fix clogged pipes outdoors effectively. One of the tools plumbers use to fix a clogged underground pipe is a drain snake. Drain snakes, or drain augers, are long pieces of metal that can be inserted into the drain to dislodge the source of the clog and pull out debris. 

Hydro jetting is another method that plumbers use to fix clogged pipes. Hydro jetting is the process of shooting water at high speeds through the pipes to blast away tree roots and other tough clogs. Plumbers go through years of rigorous training to diagnose and fix clogged pipes using the best tools for the job. 

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