Nothing Is Romantic About A Leaky Faucet

The Last Drop?

A leaky faucet may seem like an innocuous problem at first. However, if the drip continues for more than a day, this sound can drive a couple crazy. A faucet that consistently drips for more than a day is not only unromantic but potentially dangerous. 

Dripping Faucets Can Be Toxic

A leaky faucet can lead to future health problems. Since metal and moisture are not an ideal partnership, rust buildup is likely to happen from a steady faucet drip. If rust builds up in a shower or sink, this will often cause small cracks that provide an escape route for running or dripping water. Unwanted water is known to cause significant damage.

Mold is one of the most obvious health issues when leaks are not fixed. In this case, mold is often seen in the shower, but it can grow in other areas of a home. The bathroom and kitchen sinks may have mold growth that is not as easily detected. Showering or eating food that has been washed near mold may cause an individual to feel sick.

Rot and mold both grow at a rapid rate. It does not take years for this type of buildup to affect one’s health. If an individual is exposed to mold over a long period it can cause breathing issues and skin irritation, lethargy, and even depression.

The texture of mold depends on the type of growth. It usually has a furry texture, but it can appear as small, dark specks. Mold can come in various colors, including black, brown, or green. For romantic nights in the tub, mold is not recommended. 

A dripping faucet also causes damage to the home. Even a small leak from the bathroom faucet can cause clogs. If not properly handled, this leak can potentially damage ceilings or create permanent water stains in the sink. If a sink is dripping, this may signify a bigger plumbing issue. If this is the case, water damage can ruin floorboards and wood structures.

A leaky faucet is harmful to the environment too. A typical leak can waste almost a gallon of water per day. Water waste will also significantly raise electricity bills if there are additional plumbing issues, such as a running toilet. 

What Is the Problem?

Faucets can leak for multiple reasons. A broken washer or even water pressure can create a constant dripping. A damaged cartridge is one of the most popular reasons for sink repair, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen.

Sinks with two handles have what is known as a cartridge-style faucet. These two faucets regulate both hot and cold temperatures and can be installed anywhere there is a bathroom. On each handle, there is a valve that controls water flow. This is usually the culprit of an unromantic drip.

How to Fix It 

Leaky faucet repair depends largely on the type of sink and faucet. To successfully replace a two-handle faucet cartridge, one must shut the water off before starting. This can be done by shutting the valve underneath the sink. Next, plug the drain with a stopper handle or piece of cloth. 

After the water is turned off, one can remove the decorative covers on each handle. If the cover is plastic, it should easily pop off. Once this is done, the screws can also be removed for both handles. A wrench may be necessary to remove a retaining nut for two-handled faucets.

The cartridge will have notches on the side and can be removed with pliers. The O-ring or washer should be taken out and cleaned. The replacement washer and cartridge will need to fit the exact faucet. Depending on the sink, this process can differ. Before beginning this project it is helpful to have all the faucet information available. 

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