How to Find a Sewer Line Repair Contractor in San Jose

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Some plumbing problems are more urgent than others. A leak is wasteful and costs extra money from the wasted water but not being able to flush toilets or drain bathtubs is a huge problem. When the sewer line has issues, no part of the plumbing system is usable. This can deprive families of water and hygiene practices and potentially expose them to dangerous waste as sewage backs up into the home. 

Sewer line repair is a service offered by qualified plumbing contractors, but while in a rush to find someone to fix the problem, how can homeowners know how to make the right choices? This article is a quick guide from local professionals to help homeowners learn how to react to sewer line problems before disaster strikes. 

Why is Professional Help Necessary? 

There are many things that a homeowner can do around the home themselves, but sewer line repair isn’t one of them. A sewer line is a connected pipe that ties into municipal sewer lines. When problems occur, it takes the seasoned eye of a professional to identify the issue and figure out a solution. 

A sewer line problem is often fixed by using special machines to clear clogs, like rooters or hydro jetting. If bigger issues exist, a plumber may need to dig up sections of sewer pipe in the yard or make holes in the slab of a home to reach the damaged pipe. In these cases, only insured sewer line repair contractors should be considered. 

Research Multiple Companies 

When looking for a professional sewer line repair service, homeowners should never pick the first contractor they find. While most sewer line problems are considered emergencies, homeowners should take a breath and remember that shopping around for a few minutes can make a huge difference in their experiences. 

The internet makes this process easier than ever. In seconds, homeowners can find multiple contractors in their area. Start by researching their websites. Good companies have a good online presence and will likely have links to reviews from actual customers. Reading this information can help homeowners know what to expect and look for when hiring sewer line repair services. 

Get Educated and Ask Questions 

After researching sewer line repair services, if homeowners have a few extra minutes, they should take some time to explore the causes of their particular problems. Sewer line repair is definitely out of most homeowners’ skill sets, but understanding the problem can help them ask questions and speed up the process once they find the right contractor. While trying to decide who to call, pass the time by:

  • Noting where water is backing up, i.e., bathtubs and toilets 
  • Locate sewer cleanouts
  • Call the city and find out where the sewer main runs
  • Figure out where sewer lines are buried in the yard
  • Take note of soft spots in the yard or trees that are growing near sewer lines

Once a licensed sewer line contractor is selected, this information can help them restore sewer service quicker. 

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