Garbage Disposal Repair

We Can Repair or Install Your Garbage Disposal

Anyone's new kitchen can benefit from the help of a garbage disposal. Most drains in the kitchen are subject to tons of non-liquid items, and the garbage disposal helps handle these things. Disposals make it easier to clean dishes quickly, by taking away the risk of clogs from food pieces. However, the garbage disposal isn't impervious to everything, and you shouldn't expect it to process things like chicken bones or lemon peels.

When damaged or obstructed, these tools will alternatively become sizable inconveniences. Bad scents and unclean conditions will become the effect of waste that otherwise could get rinsed down the drain. A impaired garbage disposal will eventually become a true safety hazard. The local plumbers at Miracle Plumbing Inc. are primed for maintenance or installation of a garbage disposal in San Jose, CA. Call (408) 599-7108 right away. Our credible, respected garbage disposal services will make everything effortless.

Items You Should Never Place Down A Garbage Disposal

As a general point of fact, garbage disposals do not require very much in the way of service. The avoidance of certain practices acts as the only actual maintenance requirement. To keep your appliance in the best condition, avoid putting these items down the disposal:

Fibrous Foods

Specific fibrous foods shouldn’t get rinsed down the disposal. These foods can tangle around the teeth of the disposal and then place strain on the motor. Asparagus, carrots, corn husks, onion skins, lettuce, celery, and artichokes each stand as a sample of fibrous food. To run fibrous foods down the disposal, run small amounts while running cold water.

Starchy Foods

If Foods Have Clogged Your Garbage Disposal, Call Us For Repairs

An additional issue for garbage disposals arrives with starchy items. Starches can take in water, expand, and quickly transform into a paste. This hardened paste can prevent your disposal’s proper operation, and will over time make an obstruction for the trap. Potatoes, rice, beans, and pasta each are items to never put down a disposal.

Oils and Grease

Grease and oil create significant problems with your garbage disposal. Grease and oil will collect and clog your pipes. They will additionally cover your device’s teeth, rendering them less potent. Over time, oils and grease will start to rot and smell bad from its location in your drain.

Egg Shells

The final item, egg shells, creates trouble thanks to unproven rumors about its beneficial nature. They fail to hone the teeth, and instead make detritus that can clog up the pipes. The garbage disposal will process egg shells into a sand-like substance that runs through your pipes and could wear them down. Egg shells can eventually manufacture a clog from their entrapment within the pipes.

Set Up Maintenance or Installation Today

The peerless team at Miracle Plumbing Inc. is prepared to provide all repair necessities for a garbage disposal in San Jose, CA. Entrust our local experts when it comes to maintenance and installation requirements for this indispensable machine. For all questions or to schedule service, call our team now at (408) 599-7108.