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A Hose Bib Replacement Can Protect Your Home From Water Damage.

On the exterior of your suburban home, you’ll find water connections that are typically referred to as hose bibs. The hose bibs are designed to last for a long time, but they cannot last indefinitely, so eventually, they become less responsive, as well as harder to operate. Such valves are utilized for many activities outdoors, and an old or damaged one can leave these activities pretty difficult. As soon as the hose bib starts giving you issues, the smartest solution is to replace it quickly. Call Miracle Plumbing Inc. now at (408) 599-7108 if you find yourself requiring assistance with your hose bib replacement in San Jose, CA!

Is Hose Bib Replacement Difficult?

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Even for experts, replacing a hose bib can be fairly complicated, depending on the age of the components. They typically connect to copper or galvanized piping in the wall, and sometimes they’re even soldered on! The removal process must be completed very carefully so as not to break the connecting pipes. After we have completely removed it, though, new hose bib replacement is far easier. In brick houses, it is pretty common to notice the mortar around the hose bib crumble with age. Because damaged mortar around the fixture can end up in water leakage problems, our professionals will work to fix this as well. Oftentimes, we are faced with broken hose bibs due to damaged mortar surrounding the pipes. To fix it, we can use a combination of matching caulk and mortar to reinforce the seal and keep the connecting plumbing tightly in place. At Miracle Plumbing Inc., we have years of experience removing, installing, as well as replacing water fixtures of all types, and we’re more than glad to assist you with any hose bib replacement.

To learn more, or to begin, give us a shout today at (408) 599-7108! When you need fast, dependable, and cost-effective hose bib replacement in San Jose, CA, you can rely on our team of experts. We can additionally assist you with an extensive variety of other plumbing replacement and installation services, like new construction and remodeling. As plumbing experts, we look forward to providing you with high-quality services all around your home.