Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection Can Locate Where The Burst Pipes Are Behind The Foundation

Slab leaks are serious and damaging leaks that happen when pipes that run between the concrete slabs beneath or around your home burst. The water continues to pool, forcing the floor or walls to crack from the pressure. If not repaired, slab leaks can turn into unsightly and dangerous sinkholes in the middle of your home. If you notice that your foundation is cracking but do not know where the exact leak is behind the foundation, call Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108. We provide slab leak detection in San Jose, CA.

Do You Need Slab Leak Detection?

There are signs you can notice of a slab leak forming in your home. If you hear running water even when faucets are turned off, that is because water is dripping out of the broken pipes in the slab. If your flooring or walls begin to accumulate mold or the foundation is cracking, these are symptoms of moisture entering your foundation. Look for spikes in your water bill. This could help you identify that you have a leak. Call the professionals at Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108 for slab leak detection in San Jose, CA.

If Not Repaired, Slab Leaks Can Ruin Flooring

The plumbers at Miracle Plumbing Inc. are trained in using non-invasive slab leak detection devices like electromagnetic amplification and pipeline locators to locate a leak underneath your foundation. Once a leak is detected, there are several repair techniques that could happen to fix your foundation and slab. All techniques involve opening up the foundation in order to fix the broken pipes so be prepared for that. You might consider repiping if this slab leak is not the first leak your house has seen. Coating pipes can also help to form a protective waterproof layer over them.

Don’t Hesitate to Call

By the time you begin to notice that your walls or flooring are cracking and breaking apart, your pipes in the slabs have been leaking for quite some time. Call Miracle Plumbing Inc. immediately for emergency repair service so we can detect and stop the slab leak as soon as possible. Call us today at (408) 599-7108 for slab leak detection in San Jose, CA.