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If your home works with well water, your well pump is an important component of your home’s water delivery system. A broken pump can quickly create problems such as no water in your home, clogging in your pipes, and leaks through your system. Our professionals can provide experienced well pump services in San Jose, CA to ensure your family always has usable water. To get more information, call (408) 599-7108 and speak with a professional about well pump repair and replacement for your home.

Well Pump Basics

Your home’s well pump draws the water that is to be distributed to your home. There are multiple types of well pump that will vary according to the depth of your well. When you’re looking for reliable well pump services to repair or replace the unit, our experts can provide informative details to help you make the most beneficial conclusion for your home.

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Shallow Pumps: These well pumps are great for wells that are 25 feet or less, and are located in a pump housing instead of being placed in the well. For reinforced sustainability, install an overload protector to prevent burnout in their motor and a booster pump for optimal PSI.

Deep Well Pumps: Ideal for wells that are 90-300 feet deep, deep well pumps are placed directly into the well, itself. These pumps are available in two standard styles for your convenience and can be either 2-wire or 3-wire models. 2-wire models are simpler and less expensive to install, but 3-wire styles have an extra wire that allows the control panel to be mounted at the top of the well for easier care.

Convertible Pump Systems: Used for wells with fluctuating water levels, these pumps come in two types, as well. Ejector models are ideal for depths of 25-90 feet, while jet nozzle models are used in shallower wells of 0-25 feet. Each convertible pump style uses a vacuum system that’s created from natural pressure and used to pump your water.

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Whatever issue your pump is having, our professionals will identify and eliminate it quickly to get your water moving properly again. We offer informative explanations of your repair needs and give cost-effective solutions that are efficient and dependable. Call (408) 599-7108 for details about well pump services in San Jose, CA and how our professionals can help.