Drain Cleaning & Repair Services in San Jose

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Nothing spoils a relaxing night in after a long day quite like a clogged drain. That steaming hot bath will quickly go from a source of relaxation to a source of stress when the water doesn't drain out after. Drain clogs happen often, and they're a pain to deal with. At Miracle Plumbing Inc. we're here to help. As your San Jose drain cleaning company, we offer effective and long-lasting drain cleaning solutions. Whether it’s a small issue caused by excess hair in the bathtub or a major blockage in your sewer lines, you can count on our plumbing professionals to help get your pipes flowing again in no time!

Even for your worst clogs, we can help. Be sure to ask about our sewer video camera inspection services for accurate help with your plumbing.

How to Tell You Have Clogged Drains

Clogged drains stop a fixture from working properly almost immediately. Fortunately, clogged drains aren't that difficult to fix, and we can offer drain cleaning services that will have your sink, toilet, or tub working as it should be in no time at all, that is as long as you can spot the clogged drain. Below are common symptoms of a drain clog to watch for.

  • Slow draining pipe
  • Raising water levels when running sink or tub
  • Unpleasant odors from the drain
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises
  • Low water pressure

If you notice the water isn't going down like it used to, or you hear a serious gurgling noise when letting water down the drain, chances are good you're experiencing at least a partial clog. Our drain cleaning services or clogged toilet service can help alleviate this issue. We'll use hydrojetting or toilet snakes to loosen the clog and help water flow smoothly once again.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleanings

We depend on our sinks, toilets, and bathtubs to drain properly every time that they're used. When water stops draining out it can be a serious problem. Even a perfectly functional bathtub is useless if you can't drain the water out when you're finished bathing. Luckily, you can avoid this issue almost entirely with expert drain cleaning in the South Bay Area. Some benefits of regular care and maintenance include: functional is deal with

  • Improved water pressure
  • Pipes remain in better condition
  • Save money on repairs
  • Use tub and sink with confidence

Having drain cleaning done will make your pipes function more reliably and smoothly, and can help your home feel like new again, while also helping make the plumbing last longer. The minor investment for cleaning services can help your plumbing last for years.

Worried your clogged drain is more than a simple issue? We’re available for 24-hour emergency services when you need us most.

Hire the Right Company to Care for Your Plumbing

You don't want to hire just any company to watch over your home's plumbing system. At Miracle Plumbing Inc. we’ve been helping homeowners in and around the San Jose area since 1992. No matter the size of the blockage, location, or severity, you can count on our plumbers to provide your home with top-rated drain cleaning services. We have extensive training, the right equipment, and the right mindset to care for your plumbing system properly.

Hire one of our team members and you'll get the high level of care you deserve, and your home will benefit as a result.

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