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Does Your Home Require a Gas Water Heater Replacement?

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Does your home have a gas or propane water heater that needs replacement or repair? Most water heaters have a life expectancy of approximately 8-12 years and can start to exhibit signs of degradation after that. That means, if you’re not sure about the age of your water heater, it could be time to just go ahead and replace it. For propane and gas water heater replacement in San Jose, CA that you can count on, call the Miracle Plumbing Inc. plumbing team at (408) 599-7108. We are the plumbing professionals you can count on for water heater inspections, too, so you can decide if replacement or repair is the best option for your needs.

Gas Water Heater Replacement Services

Do You Need Gas Water Heater Replacement?

It Is Very Important to Hire a Professional for Your Gas Water Heater Replacement to Prevent a Future Gas Leak.

Gas and propane water heaters are popularly used in suburban homes for several reasons. They are simple to use, work quickly to heat the water, and are inexpensive to operate. However, as time goes by, they are prone to certain damages when they are not properly maintained. Regular maintenance can prevent issues like sedimentary buildup or clogs that take place in areas with hard water. If you are presently using an aged gas water heater, you could also be paying more for utility costs than you should be, because older water heaters tend to consume more energy over time. As these issues begin to occur more often, water heater replacement may be your most cost-effective solution.

Many times, electric water heaters are used for replacement of propane or gas heaters. Electric water heaters are considered to be safer than gas models because they don’t employ the use of pilot lights or continuous gas flow. Electric versions can additionally be programmed using a timer to prevent energy usage while you’re not home. If you are interested in a propane or gas water heater replacement in  San Jose, CA or the nearby areas, give us a call today at (408) 599-7108 to speak with a professional plumber about your choices!