Water Treatment Systems in San Jose, CA

Clean, great-tasting water has not always been the norm. Humans have had to go thousands of years without purified water, often getting sick until we discovered ways to disinfect it. Advances in science and technology have brought us great benefits like water filters, purifiers and distillers that remove contaminants from drinking water. While once only available to government and city water treatment systems, these systems are now widely available and affordable to be used in residences. If you are in San Jose, CA and interested in getting water treatment systems, call Miracle Plumbing Inc. today at (408) 599-7108.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

Different water treatment systems remove different things. There are three types of systems that Miracle Plumbing Inc. installs and repairs.

Water Filtration Systems

Depending on the type, these water filters can remove organic and man-made chemicals. Water filters are the most common type of the water treatment systems installed because they are the ones that improve the taste of water and remove odors by filtering out all the impurities that could affect the senses. Water filters also come in the form of water purifiers which remove bacteria and viruses that water filters cannot. The plumbers at Miracle Plumbing Inc. can answer any questions you have about the difference between the two.

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Water Softeners

All unfiltered water is naturally “hard.” hard water has the chemicals calcium and magnesium that are found in limestone. When they pass through pipes, they leave mineral deposits, or sediment, that causes soap scum and clogs which slowly eats away at your plumbing. A water softener filters these two chemicals out to make water “softer” and feel nicer on the skin, which many people reporting that their skin is not as dry after switching to water softeners.

Water Acid Neutralizer

Commonly seen on properties with wells because of the groundwater, water acid neutralizers are water treatment systems that remove acid that is created from the chemical imbalance caused from water, outside contaminants, and the piping all mixing. If you have blue or green stains on your plumbing appliances, you need a water acid neutralizer as the pH balance of your water is off and is corroding your pipes and affecting the taste of your drinking water.

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Water treatment systems are great, affordable, and long-lasting investments to help your family get clean, healthy, and safe drinking water. Say goodbye to drinking unknown pollutants like pesticide, chlorine, fluoride, and radon when you get a water treatment system. Call us today at (408) 599-7108 for installation of water treatment systems in San Jose, CA.

  • Water Filtration Systems Water filtration systems are great for having cleaner and better-tasting water in your home.
  • Whole House Water Treatment Systems Instead of only having filtered drinking water in your kitchen, whole house water treatment systems allow every faucet to produce filtered water.
  • Water Softeners Water softeners help to break down soap-scum causing minerals found in natural, or “hard” water that can be irritating to skin.
  • Ozone Water Purification Systems A type of water filtration system is ozone water purification. It removes chemicals like chlorine and other contaminants.
  • Carbon Filtration System Carbon filters remove bad tastes and odors from water while also removing impurities.
  • Water Acid Neutralizer System You can get acidic water if you have copper or lead pipes. Water acid neutralizer helps to clean and purify your water and make it safe for drinking.
  • Well Water Treatment System Well water does not smell pleasant. This treatment system helps to remove all contaminants and make the water smell and taste great.
  • City & Drinking Water Treatment We test, clean, and educate on city drinking water and how clean it is to keep citizens informed.
  • Water Purification System There are many kinds of water purifiers and water filters. Our plumbers can help choose the best one for you.