Carbon Water Filter System Installation

Everywhere you look, there is construction. Another natural disaster or disease outbreak happened. All of these could impact your drinking water. Gasoline from construction vehicles getting into the water supply, a disaster causing soil displacement or animal droppings to wind up in your water line, or an airborne illness could be floating around. Remove all these contaminants by getting a carbon water filter system which filters your water into healthy, clean, safe, and great-tasting water. For carbon water filter system installation in San Jose, CA, call Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108.

Benefits of a Carbon Water Filter System

A Carbon Water Filter System Removes Organic Chemicals Like Chlorine From Drinking Water

Sometimes referred to as “charcoal filters” due to heat being used to activate the carbon, a carbon water filter system is made to remove organic chemicals and impurities from water. There are two types of carbon filtration systems: granular activated carbon and block carbon. Carbon blocks remove more impurities than granular activated carbon water filter systems, but GAC systems have better flow rates. Carbon filters are great at removing chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, benzene, radon and other man-made chemicals that nobody wants to be drinking. Removing these also helps eliminate odors and improves the taste of the water. Carbon filters cannot remove chemicals like fluoride, asbestos, sulfate, salt, or mercury because they are too big to pass through the filter. That is something to keep in mind if you are looking to have certain contaminants removed from your water. There are other filters available like ozone and reverse osmosis that could remove the impurities. Contact Miracle Plumbing Inc. to learn more.

Get Your Carbon Water Filter System Today

Home water filters are super affordable, are easy to install, and require little maintenance- all you need to do is change the filter. A carbon water filter system is different from other water filters in that it is customizable. You can add sediment absorbing pre-filters to help prevent clogs and absorb more chemicals. In a lot of other water filtration systems, they aren’t even easily changed because the bulky pumps are connected to the piping. If you are interested in getting carbon water filter system for your home in San Jose, CA, call us today at (408) 599-7108.