City Water Treatment in San Jose, CA

Are you worried about where your water is coming from? Is it really being as clean as the city can make it? Do you know you want a water treatment system in your house but don’t know which one is best? All of these questions can be answered by visiting your city’s EPA-certified laboratory for testing and finding out what you are really consuming daily. Most residential and commercial plumbing systems are connected to the city water supply. If the city has contaminated water, so do you. Miracle Plumbing Inc. provides city and drinking water treatment in San Jose, CA. Call us today at (408) 599-7108 to get your water tested.

Is Your Community Water Clean?

The EPA has Drinking Water Regulations full of disinfectants that are added to the city water to remove contaminants that could cause illness. They also have a Public Notification Rule where they will make an announcement if water is found to be contaminated or if a laboratory failed to test that batch of water for whatever reason.

City and Drinking Water Treatment Facilities Provide Residences With Clean Water

You can also conduct a home water treatment yourself should you wish. This can help you make decisions on what type of water treatment service or water filter you should buy if you were considering it. If you have your own well as a water source, it is extremely important to test your water every year to make sure no contaminants like acids or soil have gotten into the line.

Have your water tested if someone in the household is pregnant, the water smells or tastes bad, or if anyone is having stomach issues after drinking from the tap. Outside sources are usually to blame for contaminated water: human or animal waste getting in the water, soil or gasoline, or lead can get in and corrode your pipes, leaving a metallic taste.

Call Us Today About City and Drinking Water Treatment Resources

If you pay a water bill, you are getting water from the city’s public water system. Therefore, you deserve the right to know if the water you are about to drink has been tested and approved to be free of any harmful bacteria and pesticides. For city and drinking water treatment in San Jose, CA, contact Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108.