Ozone Water Purification Systems

Are You Interested in an Ozone Water Purification System?

Ozone Water Purification is the Natural Way to Remove Contaminants From Your Home’s Water Supply.

Water is a very important part of life. Many homeowners want to install water purification systems to ensure that their families are getting the cleanest purest water to drink. When you’re looking for the highest level of water purification on the market, consider ozone water purification systems. These systems deliver unsurpassed water purification without leaving behind harmful byproducts or chemicals because they use natural elements to filter the contaminants from your water. Call our staff at Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108 to learn more about how ozone water purification in San Jose, CA, can provide better water quality in your home.

What is Ozone Water Purification?

No matter if you have well or city water, it may be home to harmful contaminants acquired from pipe leaks, seeping groundwater, or even previous water treatment efforts. An ozone water purification system can eliminate any contaminants that might be in your water. During the ozonation process, the ozone generator utilizes UV lighting to condense ordinary oxygen molecules into O3 (Ozone) particles. This new ozone then attract each contaminant eliminate it with the use of a carbon filter. Ozonation is one of the only methods that not only rid your water of metals, minerals, and chemicals, but is also able to remove bacteria, allergens, and even viruses. Available in both under the sink and whole house varieties, these systems provide both efficiency and affordability.

Commercial Ozone Water Purification System

An Ozone Water Purification System is an Excellent Choice for Both Commercial and Residential Buildings.

If you are interested in learning more about purifying your water, let us help. We will begin by performing a comprehensive water test that identifies each of your water’s contaminants. Our technicians will go over your ozone system choices along with secondary filtration selections so you know you’re getting the best system for you. We can deliver quick, stress-free installation of your system to help you start enjoying higher quality water immediately.  When you’re looking for a better water purification system, talk with the Miracle Plumbing Inc. experts about ozone water purification in San Jose, CA. Our team can deliver the information and service needed for better, safer water for your loved ones. Speak with the Miracle Plumbing Inc. professionals at (408) 599-7108 when you want cleaner, better water.