Well Water Treatment Systems

Well Water Treatment Systems Help Keep Your Water Safe To Drink

Having your own well is a great way to save money and the environment, as you control how much water is used by your household. But having a well means having to sanitize the water yourself as it is coming straight from the ground and does not go through cleaning treatment systems like city water does.

Oftentimes, homeowners will get a combination of water treatment systems since well water is completely unfiltered and raw. There are options to get a water filtration system, a water distiller, a water softener, or a water disinfectant. Most systems are relatively cheap, have a one-time installation, and minimal maintenance over their lifespans as they are self-cleaning. If you want to learn more about well water treatment systems in San Jose, CA, call (408) 599-7108 today. The staff at Miracle Plumbing Inc. will be happy to help you choose the best treatment system for your well to provide you healthy and safe drinking water.

The Types of Available Well Water Treatments

Water filtration system: Great for removing parasites, contaminants, chemicals, and bad odors, while making water taste fresher. Well water filters can really help prevent infections and sickness by removing bacteria and soil from water as it is pulled from the ground.

Water softeners: Underground water is natural water, meaning it is “hard” water and has the minerals calcium and magnesium. While perfectly safe to drink, many people find “soft” water doesn’t irritate the skin as much, tastes better, and does not leave water and soap scum stain like hard water does.

Our Plumbers Can Help You With All Your Well Water Treatment Systems Installations

Acid neutralizers: Acidic water happens when there is a low pH balance of calcium in the water and too much carbon dioxide, usually caused by air pollutants or acidic rain. Corrosion from plumbing pipes can also create acid in water. Acid neutralizers remove the acid from water and helps to make your water clear again, and not leave blue-green stains.

Water disinfection: Unfiltered water can have a rotten egg smell that can make you put off drinking this vital liquid, but with a water disinfectant, all the odor-causing bacteria is removed. Disinfectants like chlorine are mixed into the water in a safe amount to drink and not noticeable to taste.

Is Your Well Water Clean?

Well water can be affected from all kinds of things nearby such as livestock on your property or if there is a gasoline station nearby. Drinking water with these contaminants can be harmful and cause sickness. Be cautious and take preventive measures by getting a well water treatment system. Call Miracle Plumbing Inc. at (408) 599-7108 to get well water treatment systems in San Jose, CA today.